Losing your fear of the future is an incredibly powerful tool!

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We are in the middle of the biggest transition in all history. Our technology, money, systems, government, transportation, education, healthcare, and jobs are all changing faster than ever.

Picture leveraging your confidence in the future, and leveraging it in ways to make your business or career a thriving success.

Imagine being able to live without fear of the future because you are prepared and equipped to handle whatever may come your way.

After a lifetime of studying our relationship with the future it's become clear to me that the best way forward is Strategic Futurism.

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Strategic Futurism

In these uncertain times, if you’re awake in the middle of the night, worried about the decisions you’re having to make, you’re not alone. Future Like A Boss will show you the scientifically based techniques of Strategic Futurism and will enable you to explore the likely future paths of almost anything. And you’ll do it with great confidence. I honestly believe this is the best information you will find regarding futurism skills.

I've put everything I could into creating this course. I'm giving you the best set of tools I've ever used, so you can to start analyzing the future at a whole new level. I will share with you the techniques it's taken me years to develop. The methods, strategies and tools that have worked for me will be revealed and explained in detail so you can easily model it.

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What Is Future Like A Boss?

This Future Like A Boss course is a 14 lesson video series that comes with a companion Textbook, a membership to an exclusive online chat forum for the course, and a subscription to the Foresight Journaling weekly program. The course walks you through all you'll need to know to "Future Like A Boss!". Everything will be explained in this series of simple, yet powerful lessons. Every one of them is intended to stretch your imagination and help you think outside the box. Naturally you’ll want to do tons experimenting on your own.

Here is what each video and chapter will cover:

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"The future favors the bold!"

Thomas Frey

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"Thomas Frey and the Future Like a Boss course broadened my set of tools in my role as a Futurist."

Karena de Souza - Founder, Tilt the Future

"The course was thought-provoking, informative, and practical, I highly recommend Future Like Boss to anyone who desires a methodology to think about the future."


“Thomas Frey has presented some of the most important models and techniques for forecasting future scenarios. Anyone can use his methods to better understand the world, how humans act and react and what scenarios are likely to play out in the near future."

Darren Fox - Co-founder, FutureProofMe.io

"He gave us vision and clarity in a confusing world of emerging technology, showing us where our business is going, and because of that, many participants now see the urgency to act for our company to maintain its position."

Fortune 500 client

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